jessica Meter

Executive chef

Jessica began her culinary career after a brief stint in the legal world, during which she realized office life was not for her. After attending the French Culinary Institute, Jessica made her way up through the kitchen at Mas (farmhouse) under acclaimed Chef Galen Zamarra. During the following years she opened and worked at sister restaurant Mas (la grillade), Il Buco Alimentari under Chef Justin Smilie and North River in the East Village. 

Jessica cooks New American food, incorporating international spices and ingredients while giving a nod to her family's cultural history. Classically trained under French technique, Jessica's experience with modern Italian and Argentinian cuisine, combined with her extensive experience cooking over wood-burning fires makes her food unique, fun, and vibrant.


Jonathan Meter

Sous CHEF, Photographer

Jonathan began his career as a food photographer in 2008, while Jessica was in culinary school. After helping Jessica complete her final project by providing photographs for a recipe book, Jonathan realized his gift lay not only in photographing the food, but in helping to develop and execute recipes as well. Self-taught in the kitchen, Jonathan's artful aesthetic and instinctive cooking style yields bold results. 

Raised in an Argentinian family, Jonathan has a true love of classic, simple flavors and techniques. He loves to cook unpretentious, truly delicious food that is sophisticated but still down to earth and accessible. Jonathan still claims he won Jessica's heart making toaster sandwiches in his attic apartment at Penn.